Learning new things. 

Some of you may know that I’m a part of a Formula Student team at my university. We call ourselves Green Voltage Racing e.V., and I invite you to check out and like our Facebook page

We build electric race cars. I really love it. But up until now, all I was able to help with was the Facebook page mentioned above and some sponsoring tasks. Those are both valid and important tasks in the team. But I joined GVR almost two years ago to do something more practical. I wanted to do more with my hands. Don’t get me wrong, I did some stuff in the past, but learning how to weld was very high up on my list. Mostly because I can’t really help with construction. Solid works doesn’t run on Mac. 

So I was really excited when our main welder told me yesterday, that I could weld something. I thought he wanted to teach me on some sheet metal, what he did, but I actually pointed the front end of our frame. I’ve been told that I did well. Especially for a first try. I really enjoyed to weld this integral part of our vehicle, even though it will b through welded by my welding sensei later. 

Here is how it looks:

(Made with electric welding equipment .(light arc welding))
(Me with a auto dim welding mask.)
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