I love my Triggertrap adapter. 

Original Post: September 20, 2016 There are plenty of wired and a heap of wireless camera remotes. For the wireless, I used to have a cheap Canon RC-6 lookalike from Amazon. I lost it. For the wired world I got me something to different: A Triggertrap mobile dongle.  Triggertrap Mobile turns your smartphone into a super… Continue reading I love my Triggertrap adapter. 

Time-lapsing in the Harz. 

Yesterday I've been near Romkerhalle (near Goslar, in Harz) with some friends. We wanted to take some photos, and I wanted to do a timelapse.  So I set up my tripod,  framed the shot, set my camera to manual and started the sequence I had programmed in the Triggertrap Timelapse Pro app. I chose an… Continue reading Time-lapsing in the Harz.