I love my Triggertrap adapter. 

Original Post: September 20, 2016

There are plenty of wired and a heap of wireless camera remotes.

For the wireless, I used to have a cheap Canon RC-6 lookalike from Amazon. I lost it.
For the wired world I got me something to different:

A Triggertrap mobile dongle. 

Triggertrap Mobile turns your smartphone into a super powerful and versatile camera remote

The free app on iOS and Android unlocks the potential of your smartphone’s features and turns them into awesome camera triggering tools. This, combined with the Triggertrap Mobile Kit which connects the phone to the camera, gives you a pocket full of power.

Learn more about how the kit works here. Learn how you can use the kit to level up your photography game here.

Triggertrap website

It plugs into your smartphones headphone jack (so I would guess iPhone 7 users are easer out of luck or have to use that tiny adapter that comes in the box.). From there it connects to a dongle and from there to your camera (with an extra cable, because camera ports are different across all brands, and even across different models from one brand.)

The bad is, that the app does not officially support auto focus. But there are some work arounds:

  • In the simple release mode, just increase the impulse length in the app settings.
  • In the tap and hold mode, just tap and hold.

The pros are numerous shooting modes, but these are my favourite:

  • Simple cable release: just a simple remote.
  • Tap and hold: bulb for the duration you hold.
  • Timed-release: bulb for a specified amount of time.
  • Timelapse
  • Solar calculator

This one is not actually a mode, but if your smartphone runs out of battery, you can just disconnect the camera cable from the mobile dongle and ‘short circuit’ it with a piece of aluminium wrapper, creating a simple cable release. I came across that trick while reading their trubble shouting guide.

How do you like your Triggertrap? Tell me in the comments down below. Use a different cable/ wireless release? Tell me what you use.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Triggertrap company seized business and you probably can’t get their dongle anymore. At least not new. If you’re lucky enough, you might get one on eBay. The app still works though. At least for now. 

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