Last weekend in Berlin. (1/2)

Last weekend I traveled to Berlin to watch the 2017 Berlin ePrix. That’s a part of FIA Formula E. It’s similar to other Formula championships, just electric.

We arrived Friday afternoon, just to find out that the Hostel wasn’t very nice. It smelled of smoke and our room didn’t have any keys. So we left our luggage in the car and drove one to meet some friends.

As I had originally planned to buy myself a Manfrotto Twistgrip at the Apple store I left for there, only to find out that they didn’t have my product in stock. Shortly after that, my friends called and we went to have dinner at the Bite Club.

It’s some kind of food truck venue, and it was awesome.

We slept in the shitty Hostel by the way. Mostly because it was already payd for and everything else was booked out.

Saturday we made our way to the world famous Tempelhof Airport for the first day of Formula E. We bought our selves some drinks at a local discounter, and had to leave it behind at the security checkpoint. Our bottles where to large and to plentiful. We each had two 1.5 litre bottles, with only one 0.5 litre bottle allowed. And the inside beverages were horribly overpriced.

Once inside, we tested out some one wheeled scooter, where you stand on platforms on both sides of the wheel. It was great fun. I almost bought such a thing myself, but it was to expensive for me.

We spent the time until the race at the venue, exploring stuff like Roborace and Formula Student. I’m in a Formula Student team as well, by the way.

The race itself was beautiful, and a Swede won for the first time. It was Felix Rosenqvist for Mahindra Racing placing himself in front of Lucas DiGrassi of Abt FE and winning comfortably.

The race is about one hour long, and the drivers need to change cars at the half time mark, because the battery packs don’t last that long. 

In the evening I wandered around the city for a little while, even meeting a friend from highschool. I had gotten a nasty sunburn during the day.


We had dinner a some little vegetarian thai place, and it was so delicious.

Luckily, we had been given a better room for this night by the hostel.

So I went to sleep…

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