A day at FSG 2017.

Yesterday evening I set out on what was supposed to be a great adventure with some friends. We departed Clausthal at around 9 pm to drive to Frankfurt/ Main. That would be our base station for the next few days. My friends dropped me off at the hostel at around 1 am today. And we wanted to meet by 8 am to arrive in Hockenheim at around 9. It was a bad night. I couldn't fall asleep, and I woke up early. But I made the rejoin time with just minor delay. And so we set off to Hockenheim.

Hockenheim is about an hour drive from Frankfurt, but staying in Frankfurt was much cheaper than in Hockenheim.

We picked up our guest tickets and started our day.

We had planned to see some friends from other Formula Student teams, chat with some sponsors and see some fresh Formula Student action.

We had no problems with part one and two of the plan. We even got some free food in the VIP area thanks to Schaeffler Motorsports and I met Mike Rockenfeller. But most of the real action, mostly the driverless events, was drowned by rain. Not that the event was canceled, it just wasn't any fun.


After it had started to rain even heavier, so we decided to pre-maturely had back to Frankfurt at around 5 pm. My new umbrella proved worthy of its name there, a did my new soft shell jacket, which I had to buy because I forgot to bring one from home.

Back in Frankfurt, a shot me some airplanes (I took photographs of them!) and had some almost Canadian poutine. Except for the cheese curds. I guess they're hard to come by in Europe.



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