Going back home.

Yesterday was my last day in Hesse. I spent most of the time on the visitors’ platform on the airport.

After I went to a supposedly better viewing area and had to pay for a new train ticket.

It was quite a journey to get to to the visitors’ platform in the first place. It’s in Terminal 2E, and the train station is in Terminal 1. So I had to take the AirTrain, and almost missed my station. The entrance fee is 3€, so it’s actually quite affordable.

There’s a huge fence separating the platform from the airport for security reasons, and there are very few peeping holes to put your camera lens thru, so it probably isn’t the best plane spotting area in Frankfurt.


I still managed to get some nice shots. Like this one, where you can see the security fence in all its glory. Out of boredom, and because it started to rain, I left for Frankfurts main train station to wait for the ICE to take me home.

I had to wait for over two hours. And I advise you not to spend that much time at any major train station. There are so many people asking for spare change, not accepting a no. Or not believing that one doesn’t have change on them. I met someone in Berlin. We just sat there waiting. I watched him feeding pigeons. He had a 1st class ticket, I had a reservation in car 3, in the front of the train. So we parted ways.


Traveling on the ICE is a real pleasure. Especially when you are on SaverFare. I paid only 29€ for the train and 4.5€ for my seat reservation. The good thing is that the ICE only does very few stops so it can go as fast as it can for the majority of the trip. And there’s even free WiFi on board. But it’s dependent on the local LTE network, so it doesn’t work in tunnels and isn’t really fast in more rural areas. And there’s a 200MB threshold.

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