Why I love analog photography.

Once upon a time, there where plenty of cameras without any imaging sensors, and it was good. Back then, film was the way to go. There where many formats, from huge to small. The 35 mm format is today known as full frame, even though it was not the biggest format at the time.

Coming from the digital age, some might wonder why I shoot analog. Some don’t even know what analog is because they never came in touch with it.

My grandpa died last year, and in a trunk in his cupboard I found an old Pentax SLR, a Pentax ME to be more clear. Having shot film in my childhood days, I knew what it was immidiatly. My grandma wanted to me to sell it, and so I sold it to myself.

I had forgotten it for a while. When I finally dug it out again, it was almost 2017. I had to get some film in it and start shooting. I messed up my first two rolls. Then I got me some black and white AGFA APX 400 film and started shooting.


(Shot on AGFA APX 400)


I loved it. I got the film developed and decided to go for colour with my next roll of film. I went for a roll of AGFA Vista plus 200 and a roll of Kodak Gold 200.

And now to the main theme of this blogpost:

I love analog photography because it’s more of a challenge then digital.

Of course you still have to get your settings, focus point, aperture, shutter speed etc etc right, but one digital you have pretty much unlimeted redos, when you pack enough power and storage. But on film, you have to get it right the first time.

One roll gives you between 24 and 36 exposures, and you only see if you nailed it once you get your photos back from the lab. 36 frames of colour film cost you about 5-10 € for the film, and about the same need about hte same amount to get it developed, black and white costs more.


FullSizeRender 5.jpg
(Shot on AGFA Vista plus 200)


I have to say, the colour of film is something special. You can’t really achieve that with digital, at least noth without massive edits.

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