IAA 2017

Yesterday, I woke up very early to get to Frankfurt am Main with a few friends. Our goal was the international auto fair, also called IAA. We arrived at the parking garage around 10 am. After checking out BMW pavilion, we had to hurry all the way across the fair grounds to meet some other… Continue reading IAA 2017

About spare batteries.

Batteries are probably the second most important thing after memory cards. You can have your camera ready, or you've been shooting for a while, and suddenly the viewfinder information panel, or the EVF when you're on mirrorless, goes blank. I'm sure I'm not the only one who ever ran into this problem: An empty battery.… Continue reading About spare batteries.

Burning through film & the adapter.

Yesterday was a vintage car fair in my hometown. It's an annual thing. There are loads of cool cars. I love it. When that happens, my town gets full of people. And since there's usually not much going on, that's a welcome relief. You can even go shopping on a Sunday, and it's a blessing… Continue reading Burning through film & the adapter.

Why you should always take spare memory cards with you.

Nowadays, there's probably nothing more important to digital photography than those little plastic things called memory cards. Except for maybe the camera itself. It doesn't really matter what kind of card you use. Without one, your camera and your fully charged battery don't matter. You just won't take any shots. I never had a card fail on… Continue reading Why you should always take spare memory cards with you.

A day of analog vibes.

Yesterday, I visited a local flea market with the hope of finding myself an addition to my analog collection. There were plenty of cameras available, but I was out of luck, most of them weren't in working order. And I have no idea how to fix a camera. So I left the flea market to… Continue reading A day of analog vibes.

I love flying around.

I've been to my home counties annual airfield fest yesterday. As always on a Saturday, there really wasn't much to do. So I decided to go on a sightseeing flight. The price tag said 35€, and since I really enjoy flying, I stepped on board a Cessna. After I paid the fee of course. We took… Continue reading I love flying around.