I love flying around.

I’ve been to my home counties annual airfield fest yesterday. As always on a Saturday, there really wasn’t much to do. So I decided to go on a sightseeing flight. The price tag said 35€, and since I really enjoy flying, I stepped on board a Cessna.

After I paid the fee of course.

We took off at around 2:04 pm and came back some 20 minutes later, and I had a blast. Take off was a bit shaky, as was the touchdown, but that’s to be expected from a grass airfield.

The view from the sky was absolutely stunning. The local highway looked like a chain of toy cars. My hometown looked like a scale model. People looked like ants. It was so awesome, I totally forgot my fear of heights.

(the airfields main building)

A few minutes after my flight had returned, I discovered that you also could take helicopter rides, but that would have been 10€ more than the Cessna. And I didn’t have enough cash left on me.

(for some reason, the aircraft was painted mostly white and pink)

I got myself a Bratwurst, and just then, the weather decided to open some flood gates to stop the glider stunt show. The airfield got soaked. My feet got wet, I got annoyed. And the rain was loud on the airfield hangars sheet metal roof.

(the grounded stunt glider, you can see the heavy rainfall)

Luckily though, my 3 rolls of black and white ISO 100 film arrived at home somewhen during the day. I chose a batch of AGFA APX. Maybe I’m going to try out some repurposed KONO film with my next order. I would have taken some analog shots during the day, but I had forgotten my film camera at home.