Burning through film & the adapter.

Yesterday was a vintage car fair in my hometown. It’s an annual thing. There are loads of cool cars. I love it.

When that happens, my town gets full of people. And since there’s usually not much going on, that’s a welcome relief.

You can even go shopping on a Sunday, and it’s a blessing for street photography. After I burned through my first roll of AGFA APX 100 film, I was able to drop it off for the lab right away. I think I forgot to tell them to scan the negatives to CD though.

Also, a lot of people must have dropped off film that day. The inbox was crammed. And since I forgot to pack some spare film, I was able to purchase a new one as well. I went with a 24 exposure roll of Kodak Ultramax 400.

I burned through that one as well. I was able to convince my grandma to do a portrait of her. Then I also dropped that roll off at the store. There where only three lab bags left. I should be able to pick them up developed Friday.

The day before yesterday something special arrived at my p.o. box though: A Pentax K to Canon EF mount adapter. Those vintage lenses are something special, even on my digital SLR.

Here are a few images from last weekend for you to enjoy:

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