About spare batteries.

Batteries are probably the second most important thing after memory cards. You can have your camera ready, or you’ve been shooting for a while, and suddenly the viewfinder information panel, or the EVF when you’re on mirrorless, goes blank.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who ever ran into this problem: An empty battery.

So why should I bother, you might wonder, my battery is rated to last 800 or so shots, and I probably never gonna shoot that much anyways.

Well, it’s always easy to say ‘better save than sorry’, but what does that actually mean in the case of dead batteries?

I personally think that one should always put at least one spare memory card, what you might agree with better, but I also think that one should always put a spare battery.

Even if yours is rated at 800 plus shots, you could forget to charge it after a session. Or to put it back in the camera?

My question to you would be:

What is worse? Putting a spare camera in your bag, that weighs maybe a few grams extra, or not being able to shoot how you want?

You might even want to throw in a few extras for your speedlite. Or your external mic if you have one.

Long live the picture takers, and may we always have enough spare batteries in our bags.

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