IAA 2017

Yesterday, I woke up very early to get to Frankfurt am Main with a few friends. Our goal was the international auto fair, also called IAA. We arrived at the parking garage around 10 am.

After checking out BMW pavilion, we had to hurry all the way across the fair grounds to meet some other friends at Schaefflers booth. Schaeffler Sponsors my Formula Student Team. After they showed us their area, we went on exploring all the cars.

In front of the Mercedes hall, a sign told us to except delays getting in, but it wasn’t actually to bad. Do you believe they sell bicycles for 3,000 €’s? I know it isn’t actually the top end for bicycles, but still.

The bad thing is, that you can’t even touch a Ferrari without an invitation. But a Mercedes AMG GT R is just as good.

After that, we visited the Volkswagen hall. Someone had left their police cars lights on in there. And they weren’t giving out water until it was exactly 4 pm. German precision at its finest.

There was one car that I absolutely loved, but that even money can’t buy. Because it’s already sold out. The Porsche 911 GT2RS.

The most insane item one could buy in the VW hall was a 50 € Bugatti umbrella. You read it right, a simple umbrella.

In the end, we got our selves some nice massages in an insanely expensive, but not overpriced, BMW 7 series car. It has massaging seats, and it feels so good.

What would you do with one day to spare at IAA? Tell me in the comments down below.

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