Playing with glowsticks.

Last Friday I got a used printer from my uncle to use for university. While I went to the local electronics dealer to get some paper for it to print on, I came across some 1€  glowsticks at the cash register. So I went ahead and bought a green one. My plan was it, to… Continue reading Playing with glowsticks.

New video!

I finally uploaded my old Formula E video to YouTube. Still learning how to edit video, sound and video to sound though. I'm a slow learner sometimes;)

DTM 2017

Last weekend I took the Flixbus to Mannheim, but just to get to the hostel. Because Mannheim clearly wasn’t my goal. It took so long, over 9 hours. And the bus was always late. So I barely arrived in time to check into my room. The best thing was, that some morons were kicked out… Continue reading DTM 2017