DTM 2017

Last weekend I took the Flixbus to Mannheim, but just to get to the hostel. Because Mannheim clearly wasn’t my goal. It took so long, over 9 hours. And the bus was always late. So I barely arrived in time to check into my room.

The best thing was, that some morons were kicked out of that very room for unscrewing the smoke detector, and also for smoking in the room.

Fast forward to the next morning, I decide to go for a little stroll at the Rhine. It was very foggy, I wasn’t able to see much. But I found a tree with an R painted on it.

After that, I was picked up by a friend and we headed to Hockenheim for this years DTM finals. But before that was the Audi TT Cup Race of Legends.

That was the first time at a race track I ever needed earplugs. Before that, all I ever watched where electric races like Formula E.

After that first race, we went to see the paddock, as it was included in our gold tickets. It was so crowded!

But as a bonus, FSG markings from August where still visible.

And I got some nice pictures.

We came back to our seats just in time for the final DTM race to start, and it was even louder than the TT Cup. Kind of like a giant angry swarm of wasps. So I had to use my supplied earplugs again. After the race was finished and the 2017 DTM champion was crowned, we headed back to the cars, and I headed to the train station with one of my mates.

Thanks to DTM, the train was packed like a Japanese subway.

I headed back to the hostel, had myself a pizza and went to sleep.

I had to get up early on Monday morning to catch my bus home.

And that bus was also super late.

Luckily I had almost 3 hours to spare at the interchange in Erfurt, so to me that 1-hour delay wasn’t all too bad. It still wasn’t nice though. When I finally arrived home, I was really exhausted from over 10 hours in a bus.

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