Winter in Clausthal.

As I've written in a previous post (>click me), I love winter. Winter is awesome. Winter in the Harz is awesome. Winter in Clausthal is... different. It's still winter, and the snow still looks great... but not on the streets.The city of Clausthal is notoriously bad at clearing the streets. Only the university is worse… Continue reading Winter in Clausthal.

How to make your own LR presets.

A lot of people nowadays sell presets for Lightroom, but you might be wondering: Why presets, and how can I create myself? Presets are predefined edits in Lightroom, I'll write LR from now on, that you can apply to your images to save a lot of time editing those RAW files you shot. Of course,… Continue reading How to make your own LR presets.

My old work & travel blog.

I decided to publish a link to my old blog from 2014, from when I was in Canada, on this my new blog. I had the time of my life back then, but I moved on since then. I've grown as a person and as a creative. Moving on doesn't mean to stop dreaming or… Continue reading My old work & travel blog.


So it started. The fourth season of the year. The cold, snowy, icy one. Yes, I'm talking about winter. Ever since I've been in Canada between the years 2014 and 2015, I tend to really enjoy the snow. I do not enjoy driving in it though. Winter enlightens me and gives me new ideas for… Continue reading Winter.