How to make your own LR presets.

A lot of people nowadays sell presets for Lightroom, but you might be wondering: Why presets, and how can I create myself?

Presets are predefined edits in Lightroom, I’ll write LR from now on, that you can apply to your images to save a lot of time editing those RAW files you shot. Of course, there’ll still be some manual tweaking involved, but presets can save so much time.

 First, you’ll need to jump straight into LR, import your files, do your tweaking, find your style and so on. Then You go to the menu on the left. Under ‘Presets’, you’ll hit the little ‘+’. If it ain’t there, just expand the menu.Screenshot 2017-12-11 19.50.07.jpg

You’ll need to have an edited photo selected to create your own preset.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 19.47.41.jpg

Now you need to find a name for your preset, select the folder you want it in, or create a new one and hit ‘Create’. That’s it. You’re done. Repeat the process for your other frequently used edits and go ahead and save time with your own custom build presets. Just one more thing: Presets are absolute values, so you cannot stack them.

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