Winter in Clausthal.

As I’ve written in a previous post (>click me), I love winter. Winter is awesome. Winter in the Harz is awesome. Winter in Clausthal is… different. It’s still winter, and the snow still looks great… but not on the streets.The city of Clausthal is notoriously bad at clearing the streets. Only the university is worse on its private streets. And the people of Clausthal are not helping either, they just throw their snow from the sidewalks onto the streets.

It always takes days until even the main streets are clear, and don’t get me talking about all those side roads I usually take.

In winter, you can’t take those. Unless you’re insane or are a really good driver in an extremely winter-ready car. Even SUVs struggle up here. A few days ago, most of the gas stations even ran out of fuel, it even was on the news (>click me, article in German).

The radio constantly warns people to avoid the general Harz Area without proper winter equipment. But people still get stuck, either because they don’t head the warnings, or because they ignore them. It can get really bad.


As you can see, the road is definitely not cleared of snow.


And in this picture, it’s hard to even see the road. I guess you can imagine how it is from inside a car. And people still pull you over and get stuck further on.

Come on people, learn how to drive in the snow, or don’t come to the Harz.

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