I stuck a GoPro to my car.

Since I got a suction cup for my GoPro, I wanted to stick it to my car. That was two weeks ago. The problem was: I never had the time, and when I had the time it was too dark. That’s the bad side of winter. It’s getting dark way too early.

But today I could finally shuffle around some things and had the time to try it out. I put my GoPro Hero 5 Black onto several spots on the outside as well as the inside of my car. For that, I used the official GoPro suction cup and a self-made tether string. It was really just a string. I had my GoPro in view the whole time, but it really didn’t need the string. It stayed perfectly in place up to about 80 km/h (about 50 mi/h), what was the speed limit on the road I tuck.

Since I got no music to go with the video, I signed up for an EpidemicSound YouTube subscription (>click here). iMovie fucked up big time, but I don’t have the will to go with something better at this time.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Tell me in the comments down below!

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