I rode the Harry Potter train.

Yesterday, I met with a friend to have some fun in the Harz. After some deliberation, we decided to head out to Ehlend to see the steam train. We barely missed it. And since neither of us had enough change to pay the parking ticket until the next scheduled arrival, and also since we didn’t want to wait for over an hour, we went looking for an ATM.

There was no ATM in Ehlend, so we drove to Schierke, where we found one, as some nice railway workers told us about it. We were too stupid to find the train station there, so we went on to Drei Annen Hohne. I know where the train station there is.

At first, we wanted to take pictures of the train. But we decided to ask the conductor for the Brocken round-trip fare. That would have been 41€ each. We didn’t like that price, so we only took a round-trip to Schierke, which was only 5€ each. It was a great deal of fun. Sadly, the only video I took during the ride came out OFC*.

(During the trip.)

The whole trip only took about half an hour, and we didn’t just sit in the train either. We navigated it from front to back and spent most of the time between the cars. That was when I attempted to shoot that video, and it came out OFC and with a lot of wind noise since I forgot my external microphone.

(In Schierke.)

In Schierke, we quickly jumped out of the train and into the waiting return-train. That was fun. Especially since I learned how to fly a few days ago. Down the stairs. We arrived back in Drei Annen Hohne by 3:30 pm and headed back home around 4 pm since we stayed a little longer to take more pictures of the two trains that were in the station. I also wanted to shoot more video, but since I missed the departure of the first train, I had to wait for the second one to leave. Luckily, there’s a hotel just across the road with two hours worth of free parking.

Find their schedule: Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (English, Schedule in German)

Find the train:

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*(OFC= out of focus)

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