My first photo book.

[Ad] So I actually ordered my first photo book after planning many. I was sceptical at first, mostly because those Saal Digital ads always popped up in my Instagram stories, but I have to say, it turned out really nice.

To build my photo book, I first had to download their design software. Usually I don’t like having to download anything. But I was delightfully surprised by this piece of software. It actually does what it’s supposed to do. Nothing more, but also nothing less. Selecting images via drag and drop is easy. All I missed was a search function to find my project folders easier. One thing to note is that the app needs to be online to fetch the correct pricing and of course to upload the finalized project for ordering.

The finished photo book looks and feels absolutely stunning. I chose the matte cover and matte pages. I recommend to remove the barcode, which costs 5€ though.

I also think that the price is okay. An A5 photo book with 24 pages is 24.95€ plus shipping, of course depending on selected options.

Order your photo book here.

*paid ad, they told me to give you my honest opinion though, to help them build their brand and service.

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