Yet another print.

[Ad] After the photo book, I had to try out a real print to hang on my wall. Because a photograph is only really done once it’s printed.

The Gallery Print I chose turned out quite nice. At first I thought that it was full of scratches. But that was just a ‘Screen Protector’. The print itself came out quite nice again. It’s just a tad bit darker than I envisioned it. And there’s another thing I don’t quite like about it, but I guess that’s because of the print acrylic glass cover. When light shines in from the top, a not that nice streak forms in the image.

Also, I think that 50€ without a wall mount and pre shipping are a bit pricey for me, but I think the quality at least partly justifies the price.

Inform yourself about Saal Digital here.

The image was taken in Hamburg by the way.

*paid ad, they told me to give you my honest opinion though, to help them build their brand and service.

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