While in Hamburg, I decided to shoot some good old old-fashioned film. The first roll of 24 went smoothly. But that's when I screwed up big time. First, I almost lost my Pentax ME's mode dial into a gutter. That thing comes off frequently. This time it's locking pin flew out as well. Luckily I managed… Continue reading I SCREWED UP.


So I've been to Hamburg with some friends for the last few days. We had a great time. I left for the train station early Monday morning to head to Hamburg via Braunschweig and Uelzen. One person got pulled from the train for manipulating his ticket. How stupid. It wasn't me though. I had a… Continue reading Hamburg.


It was 2015. I just had returned from Amsterdam. (I'll also write about that story, don't worry.) My family and I had planned one last trip together. As a family. My brother wasn't able to make it. Because of school. The only upside to this was that I had my own room at the hotel.… Continue reading Majorca.


Snow. I'm over it for now. Since yesterday was the metrological first day of spring here in Germany, and it started snowing quite hard this morning, I'm really over it. Don't get me wrong. Snow has its place and time. But that time is colloquially known as winter. And winter is supposed to be over… Continue reading Snow.

My first helicopter ride.

I've always been scared of heights. I also never liked roller coasters. So you probably can imagine that a flying roller coaster would be overkill for me. But I've never actually had flight fright. And I also always wanted to ride a helicopter. So when I worked at a helicopter skiing resort in British Columbia… Continue reading My first helicopter ride.


Today, I finally managed to visit a store I actually wanted to visit for ages. Ewert's Teas and Spices in Göttingen. I always caught a hint of smell when I walked past it before, but the store was always closed, or I didn't have the time. But today, the time was finally right. I had almost… Continue reading Tea.

My favourite shot of Utrecht.

I took this picture back in 2015 when I visited a good friend that I had met back in Canada, and who lived in Utrecht at the time, to celebrate New Years in Amsterdam. It was also the first time I traveled with my then new DSLR. It was also the first time I actually… Continue reading My favourite shot of Utrecht.

Why I watched the black panther… twice.

Last week I watched Marvels Black Panther movie with a friend. For an exorbitant amount of 10.5 Euros. On student discount. I liked the movie, but in the end, I thought I missed a few things. So I was happy when some other friends suggested to go to the cinema and watch the black panther. And… Continue reading Why I watched the black panther… twice.

The first picture I ever took in Canada.

Back in 2014, I boarded a plane from Frankfurt to Canada. It was in April, and it was the day before Good Friday. I arrived in Toronto on the afternoon of April 17. After I went through customs and got my work permit, me and the group I travelled with got picked up by our… Continue reading The first picture I ever took in Canada.

Why I still use analog maps.

Whenever I go somewhere new, one of the first things I get is a printed map. I know that I could do anything I can do with that, and even more, on a digital map, but I somehow like the touch and feel of old school printed maps. Don't get me wrong, I also use… Continue reading Why I still use analog maps.