I got a cheap steadycam. + Updates

While I was browsing eBay for something entirely different, a Canon AE1, I stumbled upon a 20 Euro steadycam. And since I had a 10 Euro Coupon, I decided to give it a try. It actually arrived two weeks ago, but I’ve had exams or go to work. And when I don’t had to do those things, I was lazy or more into photography.

I still haven’t really figured out how to work the system, but someone told me that that takes some time. So I haven’t really given it a try yet. Especially since I’m also getting better at getting acceptable smooth footage handheld.

Also, I had to fix my Røde VideoMicros shock mount. I was stupid. I stepped on it. The fancy super glue from work didn’t work, but tape did the trick. For now.

Also, I might go to Hamburg with a couple of friends in the next few weeks. But only for a day or two, as Hamburg is expensive.

I’ll also go to Cologne with University and to Berlin for Formula E, both in May.

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