Why I still use analog maps.

Whenever I go somewhere new, one of the first things I get is a printed map. I know that I could do anything I can do with that, and even more, on a digital map, but I somehow like the touch and feel of old school printed maps.

Don’t get me wrong, I also use my phone if I lose my ways, but when I’m planning new adventures, I prefer maps but on paper. You just can’t draw anything on the digital alternative. And I’m a fan of finding things the old fashioned way.

So I’ll continue buying maps wherever I go. And if my map gets torn apart or if it’s just very old, I’ll just get a new one.

Also, the batteries won’t run out on a paper map, and you could probably actually use it to start a fire if you had to. Would you do that with your new 1000$ iPhone? Probably not.

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