My favourite shot of Utrecht.

I took this picture back in 2015 when I visited a good friend that I had met back in Canada, and who lived in Utrecht at the time, to celebrate New Years in Amsterdam. It was also the first time I traveled with my then new DSLR.

It was also the first time I actually drove my car for a longer distance. I even offered a few spaces through a ride share app. And it worked great.

On my first full day in Utrecht, we decided to explore the city for a bit. And to try out something that was new to the both of us, we actually visited the tourist information for some sightseeing tour ideas. And the tour we chose actually took us away from the beaten path and through a lot of side alleys and streets that looked more like house entrances. And that was where this picture was created by chance.

I don’t remember the exact location where I pressed the shutter, and I tried to find it on a map, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s still my favourite shot of Utrecht. And for a while, I dreamed of having a studio in one of that little buildings. We ended up walking approximately 15km that day. And we took the bus a lot.

We had some delicious Roti for dinner.

On New Years Eve we then took the train to Amsterdam, where we met up with some more people to have some Thai food, and of course to celebrate! I also bought myself a Gouda infused with green pesto in Amsterdam’s Centraal train station, which caused a few problems at security checks later on. It was a great cheese though.

We actually wanted to go to Den Hague on New Years Day for a traditional New Years Swim, but I had developed a cold before I left for Utrecht from home, so we couldn’t do that.

Have you ever been to the Netherlands? What did you do? Tell me in the comments down below.

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