My first helicopter ride.

I’ve always been scared of heights. I also never liked roller coasters. So you probably can imagine that a flying roller coaster would be overkill for me. But I’ve never actually had flight fright. And I also always wanted to ride a helicopter.

So when I worked at a helicopter skiing resort in British Columbia as a dishwasher for the 2014 season, I naturally said yes when we were offered a free employee helicopter joy ride. And because there were kids participating, the pilot rode it smooth. Almost to smooth for me.

But I loved it. We just returned to our little airstrip after sunset. It was awesome. I would have gone again the next day, if it would have been allowed, and if I didn’t had to work that day.

Since then, I got offered various helicopter sightseeing tours and joyrides, but never for free. And since I never had enough cash money on me, I never had the joy of riding a helicopter since then. Maybe this year.

(Click picture to see it on my Instagram page.)

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