It was 2015. I just had returned from Amsterdam. (I’ll also write about that story, don’t worry.) My family and I had planned one last trip together. As a family. My brother wasn’t able to make it. Because of school. The only upside to this was that I had my own room at the hotel.

A lot of Germans visit Majorca each year. Most of them for booze, parties and the beach. Very few of them for culture. I was there for culture. And we saw a lot of it. Of course, we were at the beach as well. But only for one day.

(Majorca’s northernmost lighthouse, click for Insta.)

On the first full day at the island, we went to Majorca’s northernmost point. It was a hot day, but it was a great day.

(There was a goat running around at the lighthouse.)

On our way back, we decided to hike for a beach. We took over 40 Minutes for barely 2.5km. It was a very steep path. I slipped and fell on my phone. The screen of my phone was facing out. In other words, I killed the screen of my half-dead iPhone 4s. I had gone without wifi on it for almost a year. That was when I decided to get a new phone.

(There were so many tourists there.)

Also, I just found the featured picture of this blogpost on that broken phone yesterday. Could be a postcard, right?

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