So I’ve been to Hamburg with some friends for the last few days. We had a great time.

I left for the train station early Monday morning to head to Hamburg via Braunschweig and Uelzen. One person got pulled from the train for manipulating his ticket. How stupid. It wasn’t me though. I had a Niedersachsen ticket on my iPhone.

I met my friends at the hostel in Hamburg. The hostel we chose is located right above the Landungsbrücken. On the first day, the first thing we did was buying some Hamburg Cards. And then we took a 1-hour harbour cruise. We always do that when visiting Hamburg.

After that, we visited the Elbphilharmonie Plaza. That was still for free. And the view from there is awesome. I guess I would even go up if I needed to pay.

(The Elbphilharmonie from the ferry pier.)

After that, we wandered around the Speicherstadt and Hafencity for a while.

We also visited Jungfernstieg, but there was a demonstration going on.

We then got separated for a while, because I went to get something to cook at a nearby REWE. Our dinner was delicious.

(From the bus, including a fire truck.)

On the next day, we took a hop-on-hop-off bus trip through the city. The guide was phenomenal. We then decided to visit the International Maritime Museum in HafenCity. One day isn’t enough to see all of that museum. It has 9 floors, and a ship driving simulator. I got myself a POP! Deadpool Bobblehead.

After that, we took a city bus to one of the worlds coolest subway station, HafenCity Universität. It’s lit in all kinds of colours, and they play music in the foyers. It’s also the terminus of Hamburg’s newest subway line, U4. U4 is also the only subway line in Hamburg that actually runs underground for most of the time. There are other ‘name mishaps’ in Hamburg as well. For example, the Abendblatt (= evening paper) comes out in the morning and the Morgenpost (=morning mail, also known as MoPo.) comes out in the evening. They also run older trains on their newest line.

(HafenCity Univerität, U4 terminus. Click for IG.)

That took us all day. That evening, we had hostel schnitzel for dinner. And after that, we sat out to take some gorgeous long exposures. That was when I realized that I had loaded the film in my SLR wrong that morning. But that’s a different story. The next morning, my friends headed off to Bremen, and I headed back home.

I also shot a lot of video on my iPhone for a FiLMiC Pro contest, so wish me luck.

(Long exposure of the Landungsbrücken.)
(In the train back home.)
(A tourist trap. Click for IG.)
(Another subway station. Click for IG.)
(In the hostel.)
(On the Elbphilharmonie Plaza. Click for IG.)

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