While in Hamburg, I decided to shoot some good old old-fashioned film. The first roll of 24 went smoothly. But that’s when I screwed up big time.

First, I almost lost my Pentax ME’s mode dial into a gutter. That thing comes off frequently. This time it’s locking pin flew out as well. Luckily I managed to grab those three pieces, the dial, the pin and the unlock button before they disappeared into the sewers of HafenCity.

The second screw up only came to me in the evening, when I noticed that I could shoot way past 36 exposures on a 36 exposure roll of Agfa Vista Plus. So I found out that I had loaded the film wrong in the morning, and that it wasn’t advancing whenever I cranked the lever to do that. That is 36 pictures wasted. 36 pictures no one will ever see. I wasn’t exactly happy when I found out, as you probably can imagine. And I had decided not to shoot digital for a while, so there are absolutely no photos of that time.

Well, now I’m done ranting about my self. Do you still shoot film? What stock do you prefer? Tell me in the comments down below.

PS: I also forgot to drop off the film at the lab on Thursday, and because of Easter, I have to wait till Tuesday:(

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