KDK (3/3)

On the last day in Berlin, a key got locked in the car, we met some friends and had some awesome food at Berlin's Carnival of Cultures. I actually woke up quite early to pack my bags and leave the Hostel, but in the end I had breakfast again, which I paid for with my… Continue reading KDK (3/3)

Berlin ePrix (2/3)

On the second day in Berlin, my friends and I rented an electric car, saw electric cars race and had a lot of fun. I woke up quite early, mostly because it was warm and I heard the S-Bahn all night, but also because I had set up an alarm. Because I knew that it… Continue reading Berlin ePrix (2/3)

Last weekend in Berlin. (1/3)

So I've been to Berlin with some friends last weekend. Sorry I haven't written anything yet. It's been a busy week. We started in Clausthal Friday around noon to pick up someone in Braunschweig and then we made our way to Berlin, were we arrived around 6pm. We split up and I checked into my… Continue reading Last weekend in Berlin. (1/3)

Exploring Heritage.

[NEW SERIES] Since I live in the Harz, I like exploring. I always lived in the Harz. And due to the rich history of the area, particularly in mining, there is a lot of old stuff to explore related to mining. Like the Oberharzer Wasserregal, that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Now, I've… Continue reading Exploring Heritage.

That time I’ve been to the USA.

It was 2014. I had just arrived in Canada, and because I still considered my self a tourist back then, and I technically was a tourist, I had to do touristy things. And visiting Niagara Falls is one such thing. And it was only 1 CAD back then on the Megabus. Plus 1.50 CAD in… Continue reading That time I’ve been to the USA.