That time I’ve been to the USA.

It was 2014. I had just arrived in Canada, and because I still considered my self a tourist back then, and I technically was a tourist, I had to do touristy things. And visiting Niagara Falls is one such thing. And it was only 1 CAD back then on the Megabus. Plus 1.50 CAD in fees, but still dead cheap. But because I’m not your typical tourist, I did things a little different.

Due to there still being ice in the Niagara River at the time, the boats into the falls weren’t running yet. And so, to get a better view of the Horseshoe Falls, I decided to cross the border into the United States. Sadly, I lost that picture. I was also asked some weird questions at the border checkpoint by some US customs agent.

(The American Border Checkpoint at Rainbow Bridge.)

Once in the United States and after walking around for a while, I got hungry. So that was also the first time I ate at a Hard Rock Cafe. And I found out that I had forgotten that you need to be 21 to drink alcohol. I was only 19 at the time.

I left for Canada again after just a few hours. I got bored and wouldn’t have had anywhere to sleep, but at least I had gotten rid of that 100 USD bill I had gotten for my 19th Birthday.

(Me at a sign leading to Canada.) 

I took this video on my second trip to Niagara Falls, I went there again because I wanted to take the boat.

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