Last weekend in Berlin. (1/3)

So I’ve been to Berlin with some friends last weekend. Sorry I haven’t written anything yet. It’s been a busy week.

We started in Clausthal Friday around noon to pick up someone in Braunschweig and then we made our way to Berlin, were we arrived around 6pm.

We split up and I checked into my hostel. That hostel was right next to the Neukölln S&U station. Right after checking in, I took the S41 and some subway line to Ku’damm to get a lens cap for my NDX filter, that I had bought just for this trip and the one to Cologne, so that I would be able to film.

(In the subway.)

I then decided to visit an awesome observation deck near Potsdamer Platz, but it had already closed. So I went through with plan B: going up the Fernsehturm. I was kinda underwhelmed by the view, as it was quite cloudy in the distance.

(The Fernsehturm’s observation deck.)

I then got back to the hostel to get some sleep. Because the hostel was right next to the train station, you could hear the trains all night. Luckily, I had earplugs.

(U Wittenbergplatz.)

Part 2 will come out tomorrow, Part three after that, and Cologne after that.

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