Berlin ePrix (2/3)

On the second day in Berlin, my friends and I rented an electric car, saw electric cars race and had a lot of fun.

I woke up quite early, mostly because it was warm and I heard the S-Bahn all night, but also because I had set up an alarm.

Because I knew that it would be a long day, I had some awesome breakfast at the Hostel and then edited some pictures from day one. I then met up with a friend, who coincidentally had birthdays on that day, and we where picked up by the others in their ride share BMW i3. That thing has some unreal acceleration under the electric hood.

(Audi e-tron concept car.)

When we arrived at Tempelhofer Feld, we got through security and I got my sunblock taken from me. It was 100ml to large. Luckily it wasn’t as sunny as last year, when I got a nasty sunburn in my face.

(Sébastien Buemi’s Race car.)

We had a great time and some vegan homemade ice cream for lunch. I chose Mango-Coconut, and it was delicious. I also had some Kässspätzle. That’s kinda like German mac and cheese.

The race started in the evening, and my ‘favourite driver’, Daniel Abt, won with a comfortable lead on his teammate, Lucas DiGrassi.

(The second placed Lucas DiGrassi.)

After the race, we split up, because I wanted to meet some other friends. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, that didn’t happen. First, I got evacuated from the subway train along everyone else because of a malfunctioning door on the train. That caused a huge delay. Especially since some moron got his shoe stuck in the train door.

(A Berlin subway train.)

The second thing that happened was that my friends lost cell phone reception, so we weren’t able to catch up after that.

In the end I had dinner for one near Checkpoint Charly and then visited the wall museum, which is also located right next to the Checkpoint. I then made my way to the Hostel to see Frankfurt defeat Bayern Munich in the DFB Cup Finals. I never thought that to be possible. And it was funny to see all the Bayern fans freak out.

Day 3 tomorrow.

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