KDK (3/3)

On the last day in Berlin, a key got locked in the car, we met some friends and had some awesome food at Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures.

I actually woke up quite early to pack my bags and leave the Hostel, but in the end I had breakfast again, which I paid for with my keycard deposit. I then left the Hostel for my friends Motel around 11am.

(My Hostel.)

After I packed my bag in the cars trunk, mayhem hit hard. One of my friends, who was our drive, locked his car keys in. We were able to get them out with the help of a mechanic. And so we were able to continue to the Carnival.

(At the Carnival.)

When we arrived there, we had to find a parking lot. We thought we had one, but that was in a driveway. But we were lucky to find a spot just a few hundred meters down the road.

And so we hit the streets of Kreuzberg, and they were crowded. Not by cars, but by people. And there were loads of food vendors everywhere. I had some great pulled pork, a vegan popsicle and some awesome garlic bread.

(Me at the Parade.)

We also spent some time at the Parade, but there were to many people there. And many of them were taller than me.

I again tried to meet up with some other friends, but they were stuck in the train, and I had to leave, because we were parked in a metered lot.

All in all, I had an awesome weekend in Berlin.

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