Why you should make your own postcards.

The internet is a place where you can share pretty much anything you want. But sometimes, a travel email just doesn’t cut it. Actually, most times, it doesn’t. Postcards are a nice way to let people know that they are important to the sender.

The bare minimum should be an individual text on the back of the card for each individual recipient, but why stop there? Most stock postcards aren’t really all that individual. I won’t tell you not to buy postcards, sometimes they can be a perfect match.

I just think it’s a way nicer gesture if you actually made the postcard yourself. What is more individual and special than a self-made, customized postcard?

You might things doing postcards is a lot of work. But it isn’t. I use Photoshop and Lightroom to make my photos postcard ready, but you don’t have to.

(My minimalistic postcard from Cologne.)

But that isn’t actually where it starts. You have to go out and take your postcard photos first. So be creative with that.

Once you finished shooting, head to your computer and tweak those images to your liking. You don’t need to do anything fancy to make your postcard pop. Sometimes, less is more. If you want to, you can add some text, but you don’t need to.

(Another individual postcard I did a while ago.)

You do the postcard, so do what you like.

When you’re done with it, go and print those images. If you don’t have a photo printer, get them printed at the shop. Sometimes, they can even print straight on postcard paper. My print shop doesn’t do that, so I use postcard stickers for that. The usual postcard format ist 10 x 15 cm (or a general aspect ratio of 3×2), but you can do pretty much anything. I’ve even seen round and triangular postcards.

(This one could be a postcard, right?)

So, go out shoot more, and make your own postcards!

Happy travels, Robin.

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