TSBTP: Canoeing in Canada.

It’s Canada Day. And because of that, and because it’s my favourite day in July, I decided to write something about my favourite hobby I had when I was in Canada back in 2014, working and living in Algonquin Park. And it’s not hiking.

I’m talking about Canoeing. Canoeing is awesome.

Now, I haven’t been in Algonquin Park on Canada Day that year, I was still WWOOFing near Sarnia (>read more here), and I had a great time there. But sometimes, life asks for money. So I got a job in Algonquin Park.

(A pier in Algonquin Park.)

The best thing about that job was that there were no cell reception, very limited internet access and tons of awesome people there. And it was located right next to one of Algonquins many lakes.

  • Quick Fact: When the Olympic Summer Games take place, Canoes are called ‘Canadians’ in German TV.

So, on one of my off-duty days, I decided to take one of the staff canoes for a spin. And I had a blast, even though I didn’t manage to get to my planned destination on my first run.

(In a canoe.)

After some solo trips, I finally got to my first destination with the help of some friends. It was dark and it was cold, but it was awesome.

After a while, I was even considered to be a worthy teacher by some friends, who had never paddled before. That was cool.

One time, another friend tipped our canoe while getting in. From the water. That wasn’t cool, but it was still great fun.

(On Little Joe Lake.)

My favourite tour back then took me from Little Joe Lake to Canoe Lake via Standard Joe Lake and some portaging, if I remember it right.

There are just a few things you need to have for a great paddling trip, obviously being a canoe, a paddle, a lifejacket and some fun. Always wear your lifejacket.

(A lifejacket.)

Happy Canada Day from Germany!

What’s your favourite thing to do in the parks? Tell me in the comments down below!

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