Having fun in the Harz.

Last Friday, I’ve been to Hahnenklee in the Harz. And because I was already there, I decided to get up mount Bocksberg with the cable car. So I looked for a parking lot, and then made my way to the valley station.

In the station, I then had the choice of either a simple ride up, an up and down package and a combination ticket, with one summer luge ride. I went for the 9 Euro combination ticket. And then stepped into the tiny gondola.


(IN the cable car.)


It had rained for a bit on that day, but it didn’t look like more. Even though it was quite foggy on the way up. But that cleared up after a while.

On top of the mountain, I wandered around for a while. I then lined up for the summer luge track. In fact, there was not much lining up todo, as it seemed to be a slow day. They even allowed me to use my GoPro on the track!

It was so much fun, I decided to go for a second run. That was 3.5 Euros on its own.


(A mountain bike on the mountain.)


In fact, the only thing that seemed to be going well that day where the mountain bike/ downhill tracks on the side of the mountain. I’m not a mountain biker though.

On a side note, food on the mountain is good, but don’t expect it to be cheap.

For 5 Euros, you can actually ride carts down the mountain to the base station, but I decided against that for now.


(The carts.)


I suggest you visit their website (> click here) for opening times and attraction closures, as well as current prices. You can change the site to English with the British flag in the upper right.*

I still have to edit that GoPro footage, and I’ll probably put it up when I’m ready, so stay tuned for that, and maybe check out some of my previous videos on my YouTube channel (> click here).

What do you think about exploring your home area? Tell me in the comments below!


(View into the valley, note the end of the summer luge track to the left.)

*I’m not in any way affiliated with ErlebnisBocksberg.


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