Hiking in the Harz.

I never really liked hiking. But that changed for a bit. Since I got my Wanderpass (hikers pass) last Thursday, I was eager to get some stamps in it. You can even earn some achievements! Like the bronze Wandernadel (a hikers medal) for 8 individual stamps.

So I was looking at a map with all of the stamping stations (>here, German page) and discovered that there is a viewing tower that I had never heard of, at least knowingly in the past, and it’s not even that long of a hike. The number of the station at that tower is 139, and there are 222 stations in total.

(Stamping station 139.)

I’m afraid of heights, but I decided to climb that 15m tower anyways. The only thing I regret is that I forgot to bring water.

I always wanted to shoot the sunset when driving home from university, but it’s never wise to stop on the Highway for no good reason, in fact, it’s not wise for any reason. But I guess I found a good spot for that in that tower.

(The viewing tower at the Kukholzklippe.)

I guess I have a reason to explore through hiking now, namely some shiny Wandernadeln, I’ll do more of that and have some fun.

(The view from the tower. Click for IG)

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