Why I love autumn.

Every season has its ups and downs, but for me, autumn is clearly the best. I just love it more than the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate both, but autumn just has its own vibe.

For me as a landscape photographer, it’s very important to bring out the one thing that strikes me in a landscape. And when all the leaves change their colours and the tree lines look like someone has gone mad with HSL, it’s just so beautiful.

Every shot has its own palette. Every frame is different. Every day is new. When I really love a shot at one day, the same location sometimes looks a thousand times better the next day. And I’m not talking about light. I’m talking about colour!

(My favourite autumn leaf is a maple leaf, click image for Instagram.)

I first came to realize that I love autumn when I experienced Indian Summer in Canada back in 2014. It’s just been so beautiful over there. It was also the year I re-discovered photography for me.

Also, I recently sold my first picture on Shutterstock*. Click on the link and discover my portfolio!

So let me ask you: what’s your favourite season? Tell me in the comments down below.


*personal referral link

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