Long Exposure Photography… without a tripod.

You need a tripod for long exposure photography, right? Now I have used one, on top of my car, for the header. I thought that way for a very long time, but here’s the thing: You don’t.

There are many other things that you can use. As long as your camera sits in a stable position, almost anything will do.

When I was in Cologne for Photokina this September, I had brought my tripod. Unfortunately, I had forgotten it in my Hostel room on the first night out, and when I realized my mistake, I didn’t want to take the walk back. And I really didn’t have to.


This photo is actually the first one I ever sold on Shutterstock, but that’s a different story. Since I didn’t have my tripod with me that night, I had to use what was available to me at that time. You can actually see my ‘support’ in the lower lefthand corner of the picture; I used a railing that separates the path from the railway tracks. And I pressed my Camera. down on it so that it wouldn’t fall and take damage.

But you can use so much more than just railings. For the following shot, I sat my camera down on a brick wall that’s actually part of the bridge. Too bad that person didn’t move much at all.


But there’s still more. You can use the ground, your car, your backpack, a beanbag, a fork in a tree, parts of buildings that aren’t bridges and really everything that will keep your camera steady long enough to make the exposure.

What crazy things have you used tripod replacements? Tell me in the comment section down below!

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