Do you even print?

Although kinda I'm into videography lately (check out my latest video on YouTube.), I still do and always will love photography. And even though I'm doing mostly landscapes, I would love to include more people in them. But I'm getting a little bit sidetracked here. So here's my question again: Do you even print? Because… Continue reading Do you even print?

First Snow!

I live near the mountains. And I really like living near the mountains. But until yesterday, we didn't really had any snow. And it's November! I mean, I got lucky with this, because I didn't have winter tires on my car until last week. But I love all the seasons, so I'm glad winter started.… Continue reading First Snow!

I tried out the EcoBus.

Last Thursday, I finally had the chance to try out the EcoBus, a new form of public transportation running in its beta phase since August 2018. It doesn't have bus stops in the traditional sense, and you book your bus via app or website. I always wanted to try out if this concept really worked,… Continue reading I tried out the EcoBus.