First Snow!

I live near the mountains. And I really like living near the mountains.

But until yesterday, we didn’t really had any snow. And it’s November!

I mean, I got lucky with this, because I didn’t have winter tires on my car until last week. But I love all the seasons, so I’m glad winter started.

To be fair, winter only comes third in my favourite seasons of the year ranking, after autumn (#1) and spring (#2), but like ever other season, it has its own share of ups and downs.

For example, I really love snow. But only while it’s still fresh powdery goodness. I absolutely hat it when it’s all grey and goey. 

(One of my favourite winter shots so far, from last year.)

I also enjoy the cold, but not when it’s also extremely windy.

How ever, I do not enjoy driving during this time of the year. Especially since people here are quite sloppy at clearing the roads.

I also made a short video for you to enjoy:

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more wintery goodness. Maybe I’ll even take the train up to the Brocken, even though that is quite pricey!

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