Why I went mirrorless last year.

Last year, I got gifted a new camera for no particular reason. My only task was to choose between DSLR and Mirrorless. And off course also in which system to invest.

My final ‘decision-match’ was between three cameras, two Mirrorless and one DSLR. The contenders were the Canon 80D on the more traditional style of camera, and the Canon M5 as well as the Fujifilm X-T100 on the modern side.

Since I had already planned to visit Photokina in Cologne, I figured that that would be a great place to figure out which camera I wanted to have. And it was no easy decision, as all the cameras out there have their ups and downs.

(Because I don’t have any picture of an 80D, here’s one of my 100D as a stnad-in for DSLRs.)

Canon 80D

One of my favourites had always been the Canon 80D. Mostly because it would accept all the lenses I already had from my Canon 100D and also because of the bigger battery and weather sealing. And All-I video shooting.

But it’s grip was actually too big for my tiny hands, and I couldn’t easily reach most of the buttons of the camera. And it doesn’t have an EVF.

(A Fujifilm X-T100 at Photokina 2018.)

Fujifilm X-T100

This little camera came to my attention after I saw a Facebook ad for it. While doing some research, I also stumbled upon a Fujifilm monthly giveaway where you could win one of the cameras in the colour of your choice. Without having touched it once, I participate in that. Twice. I didn’t win though.

During Photokina then I had a chance to toy around with it for a bit, and I was disappointed. The autofocus was just way too slow for my shooting style, and it had pretty much no grip at all. Also, 4k in 15fps is a little bit useless. Actually a lot.

I do love the Fuji Film simulations though, they’re awesome.

(My Canon M5 at the Söse Dam.)

Canon M5 (and why I didn’t went with the M50)

My final contender was the Canon M5. I had pretty much fallen in love with that camera when I tried it out for the first time in Hamburg in March. From that point on, I knew that I liked it a tad bit better than the 80D, mostly because of it’s EVF.

At Photokina then, I was able to directly compare the M5 to the M50, both with the same EF-M 22mm lens attached to them. The M50 almost won me over right there, mostly because I could then continue using the batteries of my 100D.

(The first long exposure I took with my Canon M5.)

But there were a few things I didn’t like. First was that there was no custom dial and also no rear dial. I didn’t want to have to hold a button to change aperture in manual.

Second was the pull-up flash. Even though I would prefer no built-in flash at all, and I rarely use it, I still find it easier to just push a button.

And the killer for me was actually the fully articulating screen that flips out to the side. I really didn’t like that. It got in the way of how I prefer to use my cameras.

The 4k crop of the M50 wasn’t much of a problem to me, mostly because 1080 is fine with me, while the lack of DPAF certainly is.

So in the end, I went with the Canon M5. But I didn’t go mirrorless all the way, as I kept all my EF-S and EF lenses and just got the Canon adaptor to make them work. Which they do, flawlessly. My only EF-M lens is that lovely 22mm f/2 pancake lens.

And I didn’t try out any Sony camera, because I don’t like the body style of their A6*** series, and there wasn’t enough money to go full frame.

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