How I edit my photos. (2019 edit.)

I really love photography. I’m not a huge fan of editing though. But since I’m shooting RAW, there’s pretty much no way around it. I’m using Lightroom Classic CC for that task, but most of the things I do should work in any other editing programme.


Before I edit, I have to import and organize my files. I usually import with Lightrooms standard copy and add function. I then create a collection for the imported files, that I name after the thing or event I was shooting that day, followed by and _r, for raw, unedited things. I then go through that folder and put my favourite ones in a collection that I name xyz_selection.


My first step of then editing those images is to slap on a quick preset. After I’ve done that, I go on and tweak things like the white balance and the exposure.

After that, I usually go on and do some upright transformations, so that all the lines are how they are supposed to be. On landscape shots, I make sure that the horizon is straight.

My usual edits include lowering the highlights and the saturation sliders as well as raising the shadows and the vibrance of the image. My curves are usually set to medium contrast, but I often tweak them to my liking.

I only use the HSL sliders when I want to remove certain colours or when I want to make them pop. When there’s something more difficult to remove I jump into photoshop.

(My favourite photograph of my recent trip to the Brocken.)

On the image above, for example, I raised the shadows, lowered the highlights upped to the vibrance and lowered the saturation levels. I then changed the white balance and rectified the image in the transform panel. I did that to make sure that the edge of the mountain and the horizon were more or less parallel. I also gave that red jacket more pop in HSL.


For exporting I have a dedicated folder on my desktop. I then create a folder for each event named with the date and some keyword based on that event. (like YYYY/MM/DD_xyz) I sharpen my files for print on glossy paper at 300 ppi and then I’m done.

I then airdrop my files to my iPhone for Instagram, sometimes print them out and back it all up on multiple external Hard Drives as well as on iCloud drive.

How do you edit your photos? Do you edit them at all? Tell me in the comments down below.

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