I might go back to Amsterdam.

I’ve been to beautiful Amsterdam twice in my life. The first time pretty much right after I had come home from Canada in June 2015, and the second time for New Years Eve 2015.

(At Museumsplein.)

I just recently found out that I really haven’t taken that many photos there. And I also discovered that I still have some money left on my OV Chipkaart (that’s like a MetroCard for all of the Netherlands btw.).

I need to do something about both those things. Now I could reclaim the money on that OV Chipkaart, but I don’t really want to. It just serves as an excuse for going.

(Near Amsterdam Centraal.)

The photo situation is of course different. I could easily buy stock photos or steal some of Google. But that would be WRONG.

I want to take those pictures and videos and everything that I missed myself. I also really want to go back to Amsterdam. And since I usually go on a short trip between March and Whit Monday and the week around that day, why not go to Amsterdam?

Also, I have some friends over in the Netherlands that I haven’t seen in a while.

(Short video made from clips taken in June 2015.)

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