Learning and Cable Cars

As it’s still exam phase at university, I met up with some friends to learn Chemistry yesterday. But we didn’t only do that.

We also had a little adventure, because the weather was so nice.

After deciding on our destination, and collectively agreeing on Hahnenklee because it was the closest, we set off in my car. But first, we had to grab ourselves some lunch and cash money, because cards aren’t accepted everywhere in the Harz.

(Our first stop was Hahnenklees Norwegian wooden style church.)

We decided to park the car at the free parking lot near the church, and to our surprise, it was almost totally empty. The path to the church was thickly covered in ice though. And since I’m prone to slipping on ice, we got lucky that nobody actually hit the ground.

The church itself is very beautiful and you can visit free of charge. I do however recommend to leave a small donation to help finance upkeep. They do ask for 2 Euros but you can leave more in the collection box at your discretion.

(The cable cars from the summit station.)

After some time in the church, we made our way to the base station of the cable car to go up the mountain, where we opted for a simple round trip each. That was 6.5 Euros per person, which is actually an okay price in my opinion.

(Re-upload, because I forgot a title card)

Since we were three average sized adult men, and the cable cars themselves are actually very small, we split up into two cars. That gave me the opportunity to finally try out Technicolor CineStyle* on my EOS M5. I later graded the footage, which came out very flat as expected, with a Peter McKinnon LUT*. I chose Kodak Killer.

My friends and I had a great time up on the mountain, especially in that sunny weather! And we also had some french fries.

Now wish me look for that chemistry exam that I have today.

*no affiliation

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