Bailing on a projekt.

Lately, there has been some ‘severe’ weather around my area. I put severe in quotes because we had it worst before and not that much happened this time around. Except for in the woods.

I set out pretty much just after lunch to meet up with a few friends to see the extend of the damage and maybe take some photos and video in the process. We quickly discovered that most downed trees were already harvestet for their wood, except for in a area were there were still some trees from last years storm when I was there to weeks ago.

(A harvester in the woods.)

The sky was looking beautiful, but it had been quite windy all day, and we had observed some darker clouds on our way to the lower parking lot near the Söse Dam.

(Wood neatly stacked.)

After walking around for a while exploring the area it started to rain for a bit. And it got more and more intense by the minute. So we decided to bail out of the area. Not because we were fearing another storm, none had been forecastet, but because none of the camera gear we brought was actually water proof. And we did’t want anything to get damaged.

There was even some hail on the way back. But I still got some video out of it.

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