Visiting Groningen (Day 1 & 2)

As I’m waiting for the ferry to Schiermonnikoog, and I have nothing to do, I decided to write a little about my first two days of my trip through the Netherlands.

I started at home early Monday morning, and the first thing that happened to me was actually a bad thing. My suitcase broke at the train station in Herzberg. But the rest of the journey to Groningen went on without any problems. But hey, the train was only 35 Euros.

(At the train station in Göttingen, waiting for the ICE to Bremen.)

On the first day in Groningen, not much was going on. We had some food and some drink and then got to bed.

Tuesday then was a great day of exploring. We did a self guided walking tour (I love those) and discovered some awesome places, Like the Sint Anthony Gasthuis and many other places.

(A map. You can see the Martini Tower in the background.)

In the afternoon we then split up and I headed to Reitdiephaven for a shot at the colourful houses there, which are insanely beautiful. I tried to do a long exposure, but my ND filter was to weak and f/22 is just not my style.

There actually was another photographer there who offered me to use his wired remote, because I only had my IR remote with me. But his 5D connector wouldn’t fit my M5. It was still nice to be offered help though.

I wont put up the results here yet though, since I’m planning to do a whole extra post for that one.

We then had dinner in a University of Groningen sports bar.

It was an awesome day!

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