Going to Schiermonnikoog (Day 3 & 4)

After spending two wonderful days in Groningen, my friends and I decided to give the friesian island of Schiermonnikoog a visit. Non of us had ever been to any of the friesian islands that’s not called Sylt, so we thought it would be a good idea.

We had originally planned to just go to the island on Wednesday, but the weather was not very good. So we decided to postpone our trip by one day and started looking for accomodation around Lauwersoog, on the land.

We didn’t find any. And when we found out that staying on the Schiermonnikoog wasn’t as expensive as we had anticipatet, 35 Euros p.p. in a private B&B, the first 12:30 was already gone and we had two wait 3 hours for that next one. What a waste of time.

(Schiermonnikoog from the Wagenboorg ferry.)

We walked around the island a little bit that evening and then headed to bed early.

Today then we hiked out to Schiermonnikoogs Noordertoren, a lighthouse. It was an epic 1 hour hike! We then took the ferry back to Lauwersoog to catch the train from Groningen to Rotterdam, where I’m writing this blogpost now, sitting in the Hostel in the Cube houses.

(Noordertoren lighthouse from the beach.)

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