My last day in the Netherlands.

After arriving in Eindhoven yesterday evening I was to tired to even have dinner. So I pretty much went strait to bed, and I stayed there until 9am.

That’s when my day of exploring officially started.

The first order of business was to get my luggage into a luggage locker at the train station to store it there until my train would leave at 9pm. After that I looked up the local VVV (*touristinformation in the Netherlands.) to find a map and maybe some souvenirs.

There was no walking tour that I was able to find though, and so I decided to explore on my own. And I also got stroopwaffels.

(I love Stroopwaffels.)

Because I caught a blister the day before, I didn’t want to walk around much anyways, so after some wandering around dowtown, I decided to head for the airport and spot some planes, as that is always a bit of fun. Luckily, the observation deck was free of charge.

(At the airport.)

Because it then started raining, I then decided to head back downtown to grab some dinner and drinks (water) for my journey home, where I’ll arrive tomorrow morning.

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